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Your Ultimate Guide To Baba Dhansar

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Baba Dhansar Where Wishes Become True
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Are you planning to visit Baba Dhansar? If yes, then make sure you check out everything about Baba Dhansar before visiting it with this ultimate travel guide. Today, let’s see everything that you will need to know about this wonderful place.

Baba Dhansar has been always my favorite picnic spot during weekends. It has some awesome scenic views and a beautiful waterfall. If you’re visiting Vaishno Devi, then please take out some time to visit this place and you will love this sacred place.

Baba Dhansar is located near Katra in Reasi district, J&K. It is exactly 13 KM from Vaishno Devi, Katra, and takes 30 mins to reach from Katra. According to locals, Lord Shiva once arrived at this place to kill a demon. It is also believed washing in the stream there washes your sins.

This sacred place is so interesting and I hope you’re eager to know more about this place. So be with me till the end of the post as I am going to share the history of Baba Dhansar, how you can reach Baba Dhansar, and much more about this wonderful place.

What is Baba Dhansar Famous for?

Baba Dhansar is famous for it’s scenic views and beautiful waterfall. This is a very sacred place and many devotees visit the place which also makes it quite famous. There are also so many exquisite carvings and hundreds of stone tablets with ancient carvings.

The waterfall is formed by a huge spring that emerges from the rocks. To reach the waterfall, you will have to walk nearly 200 steps. And the entire route is so peaceful and has a lot of greenery. It is also believed by devotees if they take a bath in the stream and pray with complete faith, then their wishes become true and their sins are washed away.

Baba Dhansar is a very famous picnic spot for the locals of Jammu and Katra. Many locals come here to enjoy a one day picnic mostly on weekends. Many devotees who visit Vaishno Devi also visit this sacred place. So the next time you visit Vaishno Devi make sure to visit this beautiful place.

On the eve of Mahashivratri, a large number of devotees visit Baba Dhansar and a big mela (fete) is organized there. It takes about 2-4 hours for darshan on that day and you can find a lot of langars organized for the devotees. According to locals, a big snake visit there on that day.

Now let’s see the interesting history of Baba Dhansar and also listen to it through the words of the priest there.

History of Baba Dhansar

According to legends, Baba Dhansar prayed to Lord Shiva to help them escape the torment of a demon who lived nearby. Then Lord Shiva appeared, helped the villagers, and killed the demon. So villagers constructed a temple there in the honor of Lord Shiva.

Let’s see the complete history from start.

It is believed that Lord Shiva went to Amarnath Cave to tell her spouse Parvati the story of his immortality. To keep this a secret, he removed all his paraphernalia and ornaments outside the cave and also left his Serpent King Sheshnag at Anantnag. Then according to the legend, Sheshnag came in human form as Vasudev. One of the sons of Vasudev was Baba Dhansar and he was a very saintly person.

During that era, there was a demon who lived near Karua Jheel and he tortured the people of Karua village. Then the people of Karua village decided to take the help of Baba Dhansar. Baba Dhansar was a devotee of Lord Shiva. So he prayed to Lord for helping the villagers from the demon. Then Lord Shiva arrived there and killed the demon. So after that villagers constructed a Nag Temple and Shiva Temple to honor and worship them.

According to locals, Baba Dhansar meditated in the cave for 12 years. The lake is considered sacred and no one is allowed to take a  bath there. But devotees can take a bath downstream. Devotees also worship Shivling there which is naturally formed but that the interesting fact about that Shivling is that droplets of the waterfall at a constant pace throughout the year.

Pujari Telling The History of Baba Dhansar

Priest (Pujari) there telling the legends of the place and more interesting details.

How to Reach Baba Dhansar

Now let’s see how you can reach Baba Dhansar from Vaishno Devi, Katra and from Jammu city.

How to Reach Baba Dhansar From Vaishno Devi, Katra

You can reach Baba Dhansar from Vaishno Devi, Katra by either taking a taxi, bus or auto-rickshaw. The sacred place is 13 Km from Vaishno Devi and takes nearly 30 minutes to reach from Katra.

In 2021, the taxi fare from Katra to Baba Dhansar is nearly Rs. 500, bus fare from Katra to Baba Dhansar is nearly Rs. 150 and auto rickshaw fare from Katra to Baba Dhansar is nearly Rs. 400.

Vehicle TypeFare
TaxiRs. 500
BusRs. 150
AutoRs. 400

How to Reach Baba Dhansar From Jammu

Baba Dhansar is 57 Km from Jammu City and takes 2 hours to reach there. You can take a bus, taxi, or shared-taxi to Katra from Jammu City and then take a taxi, bus or auto from Katra Bus Stand.

Best Time To Visit Baba Dhansar

The best time to visit Baba Dhansar is during summers and winters. Avoid visiting it during monsoons. Also, avoid visiting it during Mahashivatri if you don’t like more crowd.

You should avoid visiting it during monsoon season as the water level becomes high and there is a risk of stones falling from above the stream. On the eve of Maha Shivratri as you may have to wait for 2 – 4 hours in queues and there will be a huge rush during that time.

There are melas and langars organized at the time of Maha Shivratri. So if you have no problem waiting in queues then you can enjoy a lot.

Timings of Baba Dhansar

The temple of Baba Dhansar opens at 07 AM in the morning and closes at 07 PM in the evening.

Weather in Baba Dhansar

Climate is cold in months from December to February. In months from Mid-June to August, the monsoon starts and the weather is pleasant. In the months from March to June, it is usually hot during the days. After August to November temperature starts becoming pleasant and a little hot.

Where to Stay in Baba Dhansar

Tourists usually spend 4-5 hours in Baba Dhansar and there aren’t many places to stay there. But you can book a hotel in Katra and then visit Baba Dhansar. If you’re visiting Mata Vaishno Devi, then you can visit Baba Dhansar a day prior to your visit to Vaishno Devi or after your darshan. Basically, Baba Dhansal is a one-day picnic spot so plan accordingly.

Video Exploring Baba Dhansar

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