Drang ‘The Real Life Narnia World’ In Kashmir Near Gulmarg

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Drang is a recently discovered paradise in Kashmir where time stands still. In winters, Drang is just like some fairyland that we see in movies with ice-crystals everywhere. The place is suitable for a one-day picnic or you can visit it during your stay at the famous ski resort Gulmarg. Currently, the place is being developed by Gulmarg Development Authority and so there aren’t many shops and almost no hotels but one can still find some tea-stalls. But you can stay in Tangmarg which is just 3.5 Km from Drang.

So let’s see how one can plan a trip to Drang and some interesting facts about the place so that when visiting the fairyland you enjoy the fullest.

About Drang

Drang is located about 3.5 Km from the Tangmarg town and about 40 Km from the Srinagar city. In the Kashmiri language, the place is known as Veshvoke. It is located in the range of the Gulmarg and comes under the 59th compartment of the Gulmarg range.

Drang was first a tax collection point for vehicles going to Gulmarg and also to keep an eye on them. During British rule, Drang was full of trout fish, and Britishers used to fish there. There is a temple known as ‘Pandavlary’ which is made up of huge rectangular rocks, small caves, and arched windows. It is believed that Pandavas used to worship their God in that temple.

Drang is located on the banks of Ferozpur-Nalla, the river looks beautiful in its greenish color and was named ‘Ferozpora’. A park has also been constructed on the banks of the river where people occasionally come for a picnic and enjoy their day along the banks of the river. There is also a Hydro-power plant on the river bank which provides water supply to people living in Mahyan, Ferozpora, and many nearby more villages.

There are so many pine trees, mud houses, colorful flowers, log bridges and so much more along the way that makes anyone in love with the spot. Forest Research Division has been using the place for the cultivation of various plants that have useful medicinal properties. Also, some huts have been constructed for providing relief to the visitors.

In the winters, Drang is famous for skiers and snowboarders who do skiing downwards from Gulmarg to Drang. The best thing about the place is that it’s totally natural as there is almost no human intervention so that makes it worth visiting.

How To Reach Drang

It’s very easy to travel to Drang. Only 3 Km from Tangmarg is a bit difficult as there is no proper and is still in development. You can either walk or take a pony in those final 3 km journey from Tangmarg but sure carry some eatables as you may or may not get something to eat there. Travelers usually visit Drang when visiting Gulmarg.

From Srinagar, Drang is only about 40 Kilometers. One can take a private taxi or a shared one to Tangmarg and then you can either walk or take a pony or take a car depending upon the conditions. But if you want to enjoy the fullest, I suggest you walk that 3 km. You should start the journey in the early morning from Srinagar and then spend some time in Drang and then continue your journey to Gulmarg.

Best Time to Visit Drang

Well, the best time to visit Drang is in the winter season when the whole area is covered with snow and turned into a fairyland. In the summer season when there is no snow around you would usually found greenery and streams of water and nothing much special. So according to me the best time to visit Drang will be in the months of Mid-November to February. In simple words, whenever the whole area is covered with snow your moments will be worth visiting as you will find big snow crystals just like in some fairy movie. So if you’re planning to visit Drang plan accordingly.

Places To Visit in Drang

Drang is a very small tourist destination and it’s enough to spend 1 – 1.5 hours there. So there aren’t many places to visit there but the natural beauty of that place is enough. Some here’s the shortlist of places to visit in Drang:

  • Public Park: A public park is constructed on the banks of the Ferozpora river where one can sit and absorb the serene beauty.
  • Pandavlary: Pandavlary is a temple there and it is believed that Pandavas worshipped their God in that temple. The temple is made up of huge rectangular rocks, small caves, and arched windows.
  • Hydro Power Plant: Hydropower plant gives some good photo shots for photogenic.
  • Natural Beauty: There’s a ton of natural beauty there which one doesn’t have to visit because it’s all along the way. There are mud houses, pine and fir trees, beautiful villages, and much more.

Skiing in Drang

Yes, you can do Skiing in Drang. In winter, you can see skiers and snowboarders doing skiing downwards from Gulmarg to Drang. Well, I’m no Ski expert but I did some research and found some details about skiing from Gulmarg to Drang. According to SkiGulmarg, one can see Drang bowls when you look to the left part of Mt. Apharwat. And to come back from Drang, one has to take a ski guide and let him book a taxi. It is recommended to use a guide to ski as it is massive, and you don’t want to ski the wrong chutes, and also there is some very steep terrain there.

How to Ski From Drang

  • From the Top: The best way to reach the bowls is to first go Southwest and then walk up in the same direction as the Gulmarg Gondola. Go up about 100 – 150 meters and then start crossing Southeast all the way to the tip. Your guide will exactly know where to go.
  • From Mid-Station: Skiing to Drang from Kongdoori plateau – mid-station – is possible. For that, you will need to go Southeast across the flats to the trees and straight down to the bottom of the gully, then ski to Drang.
  • To Get Back: Follow the creek and then you will arrive at a bridge. On the other side, you will need to start hiking up following a track. Then, you will find a road that leads to Drang, and about 1.5 kilometers further, you will see a big steel bridge lower on the left when you are almost in Drang. If the road has been cleared, it is possible for your taxi to pick you up there but If not you will need to cross Drang and walk all the way to Tangmarg.

Some Beautiful Pics of Drang Shared By Travellers


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