8 Haunted Places In kashmir

8 Haunted Places In Kashmir You Need To Avoid During Your Visit.

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We all must have heard about the beauty of Kashmir. But do you know that Kashmir has some haunted places which you definitely want to avoid on your next trip to Kashmir.  From haunted houses to haunted bridges, their stories will give you chills at night. So be with us till the end of the article because you wanna avoid visiting these haunted places in Kashmir during your next visit.

8 Haunted Places In Kashmir

1) Udhampur Army Headquarters

Udhampur Army quarters haunted

There are rumors that Army headquarters in Udhampur is haunted. Many people have claimed to see supernatural souls in the quarters. Some people even said that they saw ghosts floating in the air for a few seconds and then suddenly disappear in the sky. But the most interesting thing is they even scare you after disappearing by producing strange sounds and emitting light. The local people living there have a belief that these apparitions are of ghouls that visit the earth.

According to the locals, these mysterious figures can be seen at a particular time. They appear between 1 A.M. to 3 A.M. So if you want to go have some adventure with ghosts you know the time but I advise against that.

2) Gawkadal Bridge

Gawkadal Bridge in Kashmir

First, let us see what happened on this bridge that this bridge one of the most haunted places in J&K. On 21 January 1990, the Indian paramilitary troops of the Central Reserve Police Force opened fire on a group of Kashmiri protesters. Some authors have even described it as the “the worst massacre in Kashmiri history“. If reports are to be believed at least 160 people were killed but some survivors claim the actual death toll was up to 280. Since the massacre, many paranormal activities have been reported on the bridge.

The locals say that is haunted by the angry and dissatisfied spirits of people who died here. People have reported witnessing several ghostly apparitions on the bridge and also some strange voices. Since then it got the tag of the most haunted bridge in the Jammu and Kashmir.

3) Khooni Nala

Khooni Nala Haunted

As the name suggests, it has taken the lives of many people. Locals there believe that pass is haunted by the spirit of a woman carrying a child in her hand who asks for a lift. It got this name Khooni Nala because many people died in road mishaps and accidents at this very spot. There have been many claims by accident survivors:

  • A woman in black saree with a baby who asks for a lift. If people don’t stop then they meet with an accident because of her curse.
  • A woman with inverted feet who appears suddenly in front of passing cars, and jumps on the windshield and throws off cars with a force.
  • A woman who transforms into a tigress and then attack the windshield.
  • Whispering sounds of a woman asking for help from the backseat when traveling alone.

4) Ghost of Abdullah Jinn

Ghost of Abdullah Jinn

Some people have confirmed the existence of jinn in a house in Srinagar. Although the location of the house is not known properly but still it haunts many. A local who claims to have witnessed the existence of jinn told that anyone who went inside the house, his/her shoes were thrown out by the jinn. That local person even said that his shoes were thrown out and also witnessed some strange voices coming from the wall.

Some locals also believe that any person who went inside the house catches some sort of illness.

5) The Haunted Tree

A Haunted Tree In Kashmir

There’s a single tree that one can find on the way to Gurez from Srinagar which is believed to be haunted. Well, the tree looks creepy in the image itself so think you would it be in real. Some locals believe that this tree is haunted by an evil spirit. According to the story, anyone who touches this tree on Amavasya (half-moon day), will be possessed by evil spirits. And then bad things happen to that person and get some serious diseases.

6) The Twin Villages of Kunan-Poshpara

The Twin Villages of Kunan-Poshpara

First, let us know what happened here that due to which locals believe that the village is haunted by women. According to Wikipedia, The Kunan Poshspora incident was an alleged mass-rape that occurred on February 23, 1991, when the unit(s) of the Indian security forces, after being fired upon by militants, launched a search operation in the twin villages of Kunan and Poshpora, located in Kashmir’s remote Kupwara District.

Locals there say the identical villages are haunted by the women who were gang-raped, tortured, and killed by soldiers. About 100 women were assaulted. Many people living in the village have reported incidents of ghosts and paranormal activities.

7) The Haunted Mosque

The Haunted Mosque

In the pic is the Ali Masjid which is the second largest mosque in Kashmir after Jamia Masjid. It was constructed around 600 AD. Local people believe it is haunted by Jins. According to stories, on the very first day of the holy month, one or two of them died and a couple of them went mad.

8) Bijbehara Massacre

Bijbehara Massacre

The Bijbehara incident took place between protesters and the 74th Battalion Border Security Force (BSF) on 22 October 1993. Many Local people have claimed that they have seen spirits of people who died in the incident.

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