Kimb Chaat Dogri Recipe Of Jammu

Kimb Recipe | Jammu Dogri Recipe | Kimb Chaat

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Kimb Chaat Dogri Recipe Of Jammu
Source- Twitter / Voice Of Dogras

If you have spent your childhood in Jammu you must have tasted Kimb Chaat. But as the days are passing by people are forgetting the old authentic Dogri recipes of Jammu. So let’s revive the authentic Dogri recipe of Kimb which is a quite famous dish in the Jammu region. Kimb is a citrus fruit that grows in the Jammu region. As it is a citrus fruit it is rich in Vitamin C and is eaten in Sunny Winters. But unlike other Citrus fruits, it has less pulp and water content and has a thick rind.

Kimb is first peeled and then cut into chunks and finally seasoned with Tangy chutney followed by adding some smokey flavor into it. Kimb is also known as Galgal or Dudunj in Himachal Pradesh and its scientific name is Citrus Medica. Earlier people used to share Kimb Chaat with their neighbors but as time passed that tradition has faded.

Ingredients For Kimb Chaat

Coriander Leaves & Pudina Leaves2 Tbsp
Green Chilli3-4 or Depends Upon How Spicy You Want
Salt1 Tsp
Sugar2 Tsp
Charcoal5-6 Pieces
WalnutsAs Per Your Taste

Recipe For Kimb Chaat

  1. Cut Kimb into half and squeeze half of its juice to reduce sourness.
  2. Now peel the skin and cut the Kimb into chunks.
  3. Now make a paste of Coriander & Pudina leaves, Green Chilli, Salt, Sugar, and Walnuts with the help of Mortar and Pestle. You can also use a grinder.
  4. Now mix the chunks of Kimb with the Tangy Chutney.
  5. The final and most important step is to give Smokey flavor to it using Charcoal. This process is also known as giving Tooni in Dogri language.
  6. Now it is ready to serve and eat!

Video Recipe For Kimb Chaat

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