Top 10 Beautiful Kashmiri Songs To Dedicate To Your Mouj (Mother) !

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“ A mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend ”. This quote was said by some unknown but isn’t it true and beautiful? We have made a list of Top 10 Beautiful Kashmiri Songs to Dedicate to your Mother or Mouj, that’s we say in our Kashmiri language. So here are Kashmiri songs for mother which you can dedicate to her on her birthday, a momentous occasion, or just any day of the year!

Top 10 Kashmiri Songs For Your Mother

1. Mouj

Mouj which means Mother in the Kashmiri Language is dedicated to all the mothers. This song is sung by Ajaz Rah who has been honored by Khilet e Mehjoor award for singing this song and it’s the highest award which a singer can get in Kashmir. We salute Mr. Prem Nath Shad for the Beautiful and Emotional Lyrics.

2. Ride Home

This is another song on our list which is dedicated to all the mothers. Ride Home is a Kashmiri Song sung by Alif and features Noor Mohammad. Its lyrics are written by Mohammad Muneem Nazir.

3. Mother

Mother song is from Kashmiri Short Film ‘Tamaash’ released in the year 2013. ‘Tamaash’ means The Puppet is a 32-minute Kashmiri film made in 2013 that won awards at different film festivals around the world (Osaka, Florence, Stuttgart, Kerala, Hyderabad, Mumbai), including a National Award. It was written, edited, produced, and directed by Satyanshu & Devanshu Singh and produced by Omar Nissar Paul, Datta Dave, Chaitanya Hegde.

4. Kashmiri Song on Mother

Although we don’t know the name of the song but still a beautiful Kashmiri song dedicated to all the mothers. This beautiful Kashmiri song was written, composed, and sung by Mr. Lateef Jan at Sheen Studios Rajbagh Srinagar.

5. Wafa Daar Mouj

This song was sung by Zubair Khan and Arshad Nabi. It’s really a heart touching Kashmiri Mother song.

6. Mouj

This is another song named Mouj which you know means Mother in Kashmiri Language and is sung by Parvaiz Nowpori. This song is published by KASHMIRI SOUND WORLD PRODUCTION and presented by MTI NETWORK.

7. Mouj Che Akhir Mauj Aasan

This song is another beautiful version of Mouj sung by Sanat Koul.

8. Sad Mother Song

The name of the song is unknown but this song which is dedicated to mothers will definitely make you cry.

9. Narem Chani Mea

Another Kashmiri mother sad song.

10. Unknown

This is the last song on our list Top 10 Beautiful Songs To Dedicate To Your Mouj (Mother)!



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